Sonodur R

The world’s only UCI hardness tester suitable for fully automated production lines with the possibility of 100% process monitoring in mass or series production

100% process monitoring in mass or series production

With its 19″ housing dimensions, the SONODUR R is ideally suited to be used in fully automated production lines and as a tabletop device. The familiar android-based software of the SONODUR 3 is optimally adapted to the clear 7″ LED touch screen of the SONODUR R.

Thanks to USB and a fully isolated, digital I/O interface, the device is currently the only fully automatable UCI hardness measuring system in the world. Setpoints can be used to directly control actuators such as good/bad sorting switches.

The SONODUR R combines all the advantages of the SONODUR 3 mobile hardness tester with the requirements of a device for integration into a fully automated process line.

All UCI SONODUR handheld and motor probes can be used without restrictions due to high-resolution, digital signal processing technology. The instrument works with wired probes of the SONO H/M/S series. These are available in different versions and test forces. Hand-held probes are available with standard test loads of 10 N, 30 N, 49 N and 98 N. Motor probes are available in 1 N, 3 N and 8.6 N versions.

The main areas of application are the measurement of series parts after heat treatment and/or surface processing as well as coating hardness measurement on gravure cylinders.

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  • Safety and cost savings: fully automatable UCI hardness testing for 100% process monitoring
  • Operator-independent measurements: Reproducible measurement for the highest quality requirements
  • Maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications: Ideally suited for use in fully automated production lines, but also for use as a benchtop device
  • Android-based software design: Easy and intuitive handling of the software
  • Large number of commercially available interfaces: Max. Flexibility for connection to third-party systems
  • The largest range of UCI test probes on the market: Maximum flexibility
  • Test method UCI method – Our expertise for your safety
    – Complies with DIN 50159-1,2-2021, ASTM A1038-2019

Operating system: Android 7
Interfaces: – On / Off | – Digital I/O, Digitale Input/Out signals, galvanically isolated | – USB (device) for software updates | – COM1- serial interface RS232 data output and remote control galvanically isolated | – Probe cable, connection socket for probe cable coded and locked (push-pull)
Power supply: 24 V DC in / 1A min.
Dimensions – device: approx. 133 x 236 x 314 mm (H x W x D) (360 mm with handle, suitable for 19″ housing dimensions)
Weight – device: approx. 3400 g
Screen: 7″ – PCT touch screen, TFT- display with LED lightning