PA & TOFD Crawler

PA & TOFD Crawler for Medium & Large Pipe Welds CPS

Weld | Chain Design | Support up to 2 PA+2 ch-TOFD
* Illustrated image: CPS-02 Series with PA probes

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  • Flexible combinations for weld inspection, up to 2 PA+4 TOFD probes.
  • CPS-01 is suitable for pipe with OD 1000-1300mm (39.38-51.18 inch), CPS-02 series is for pipe with OD 100-1000mm (3.94-39.37 inch) and higher wall thickness.
  • Compatible with regular PA/DMA/ DLA/ low-profile PA probes and TOFD probes.
  • PA probes
  • TOFD probes
  • PA+TOFD probes

Application notes
PAUT & TOFD Solution for Long-Distance Pipeline
PAUT & TOFD Solution for Medium to Large-diameter Pipe