Standard crack detection probes

Probes for the non-destructive crack detection of complex workpieces using eddy curren

Eddy current testing for reliable components

We aspire to produce reliable components for the automotive sector. This is why we often use fixed differential eddy-current probes for component crack testing. They offer very high test sensitivity and guarantee reproducible test results. We offer a comprehensive range of standard sensors that can be specifically adapted to suit the testing task concerned. For special and complex geometries, we also design and produce customized solutions adapted to meet your requirements.

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  • Individual probes for permanent installation in a testing station
  • Scanning a test trace created by moving either the test part or the probe
  • Different designs: round, flat, angled
  • Individually adapted special probes

Clearance compensation: optional
Trace widths: 0.8 mm to 5 mm
Frequency range: up to 1 KHz and 10 MHz
Test sensitivity: High
Electrical and mechanical stability: High