Radiation Alert® Detector Stands

Radiation Alert® Detector Stands

Our radiation detector stands are for or use with the Ranger, Monitor 200, and Monitor 1000EC Models. Whether you need to perform area monitoring or scan your hands and items for contamination, The Stand offers a convenient way for the instrument to stand vertically while leaving your hands free for other tasks. The Stand is made from high impact ABS plastic and clips into the bottom of your detector. The cable track and screw holes make permanent installs a snap. Give your detector a home to easily connect to your computer or a USB power source for constant monitoring of background radiation and other tasks.

The stand will work when the protective boot is on or off the detector. However, if you have attached a lanyard to the lanyard clip on the bottom of your unit, then the lanyard may inhibit the detector from snapping into the stand. So, be sure that you take that into account when placing your instruments in the detector stand.

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453g (1lb) (case of 6), 6.8kg (15lb), 13.6kg (30lb)