Defectomat DA

New level of development of eddy current testing of long products such as tubes, rods, wire, and profiles

A new definition of premium class

The DEFECTOMAT DA evaluation electronic equipment by FOERSTER has a combination of key features that as a whole are designed to provide consistent productivity and process reliability. Fully digital and fitted with innovative operating software, this system with unequalled specifications combines the latest technology for non-destructive eddy current testing of tubes, rods, and wires. Experience the eddy current technology of the future today.

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  • Compact and robust construction for industrial applications
  • Future-proof due to modular construction, ready for future expansion
  • Up to 256 measurement channels without multiplex operation
  • Option to connect up to 16 TEST SYSTEM DA modules (with 16 measurement channels each)
  • Fully digital evaluation electronic equipment
  • Excitation frequencies from 1 kHz to 1 MHz, endlessly adjustable
  • 126 dB amplification
  • Digital speed shift filter: Filters move along dynamically with the speed
  • High test speed up to 150 m/s

Measurement channels: Up to 16 TEST SYSTEM DA modules with 16 measurement channels each, optionally for differential probes, clearance probes, and Ferromat probes
Excitation frequencies: 1 kHz – 1 MHz (endlessly adjustable)
Filtering process: Digital speed shift filter; filters move along dynamically with the speed
Testing speed: max. 150 m/s
Amplification: max. dynamic range 126 dB
Sensor monitoring: Broken wires, overload, automatic sensor recognition