Modular Penetrant Inspection Line

The ZA-915 system is one of the most popular penetrant testing systems on the market. As a multistation process for components up to 850 mm x 850 mm x 750 mm in size, it offers the flexibility of modular construction and has the added advantage of simple tank additions to meet your specific requirements.

Designed to operate from the left or the right, the system can, when arranged in a straight line configuration, be used either as a manual unit or in conjunction with a linear robot for fully automatic applications. Alternatively, where space is limited, the ZA-915 can be arranged in a ‘U’ or ‘L’ configuration to suit the area available.

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  • NDT Type: Fluorescent Penetrant Testing, Visible Penetrant Testing

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Aerosol (Case of 12), 3.78 Litre (1gal) (Case of 4), 18.9 Litre (5gal), 208 Litre (55gal)