Wheel Hub Tester

Fully-automated 100% crack detection of wheel hubs

Wheel hubs have complex geometries. They present a challenge for testing material surfaces for cracks. However, a combination of traversing and rotating eddy current probes allows a 100% crack test of the external contour. Economic and optimal testing of wheel hubs is therefore also possible.
To optimize cycle time, the production-integrated 100% testing of wheel hubs is carried out in a tandem testing station with two parallel workpiece mounts. While the wheel hub is being tested in testing station one, mounting station two is loaded and unloaded.

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  • Testing of the complete external contour with NC-controlled eddy current probes
  • Combined use of traversing and rotating eddy current probes
  • Tandem test system with two testing stations arranged in parallel
  • Test performance approx. 240 parts per hour
  • Automatic sorting into two groups “OK” and “NOK” with optional display of the defective test zone
  • Documentation of the results