UV LED Curing System for 8″ Wafers

4″/6″/8″ Wafers UV Curing

UVET company’s UV LED curing system UVSS-288C3 are built to cure wafers up to Φ200mm size, providing 365nm wavelength and 750mW/cm^2 UV intensity. It can make the UV-sensitive tape curing and hardening to reduce its adhesive strength in seconds.

Compared to conventional mercury-arc lamps, it utilizes high-capability LEDs. It enables to process a variety of materials at maximum production speeds and homogeneous illumination, with low-input power requirements.

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Product name: UV LED curing system
Main application: 4″/6″/8″ wafers UV curing
Wavelength: 365nm
UV intensity: 750mW/cm^2(max)
Irradiation area: Φ200mm
Heat dissipation: Fan cooling


Model No. UVSS-288C3
LED wavelength 365nm
UV intensity 750mW/cm2
Irradiation area Φ200mm
Heat dissipation Fan cooling

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453g (1lb) (case of 6), 6.8kg (15lb), 13.6kg (30lb)