Rotomat DA / Transomat DA

DC magnetic flux leakage testing of tubes for longitudinal, transversal, oblique and natural defects

Easy-to-Use Operating Software with high definition C-Scan

The highly modular software design allows for customer-specific solutions achieving optimally adapted configurations. The software offers an easy to operate graphical user interface (GUI). The different windows of the GUI can be tailored to individual preferences. Open, high-performance interfaces ensure that the test instruments can be integrated in highly automated production systems.

The newly developed high-resolution sensor array technology of the ROTOMAT DA / TRANSOMAT DA allows the detection of even the finest changes in the material surface. Special algorithms (patent pending) working on the high-definition C-Scan enable the detection of defects on the outer and inner tube surface in all directions. This opens up completely new testing possibilities. In addition to oblique defects, natural defects of all angles and lengths can be detected. For the first time, defects can be visualized in high-definition quality on the C-Scan. This significantly reduces processing costs in terms of time-consuming manual or visual inspections at the proof up station, as well as the special end area testing.

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  • Easy and intuitive operating menu
  • High flexibility as windows can be tailored to individual preferences
  • High definition C-Scan to make defects visible on the screen
  • Reducing time-consuming manual or visual inspections at the proof up as well as the special end area testing