PFINDER 73 ProLight

PFINDER 73 ProLight


PFINDER 73 ProLight is a hand held UV lamp based on LED technology for inspection of test results of fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle testing. The wavelength of PFINDER 73 ProLight is at 365 ± 3 nm.

The arrangement of the 16 UV LEDs ensures an extensive and even illumination of the inspection surface with outstanding homogeneity. This supports the peripheral vision during inspections, which improves the reliability of the evaluation. PFINDER 73 ProLight thus fully considers the requirements and the recommendations of EN ISO 3059.

Electronic control keeps the intensity of PFINDER 73 ProLight always at a constant level, regardless of the battery’s power level.

A white light LED is used for orientation on the inspection surface avoiding to exceed the maximum allowed illuminance of 20 lx according to EN ISO 3059.

Thanks to its compact, lightweight design, the PFINDER 73 ProLight can be perfectly used in both mobile and stationary operation.

Through the charger, the powerful battery reaches its full capacity again within a short time. By using a standard battery (CAS system), replacement or additional batteries of various capacities are available worldwide.

When working with UV light, we generally recommend the use of suitable protective equipment, eg. safety glasses with a 100% UV filter.

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