Magnatest TCL

Magneto-inductive testing of components critical for safety

Smart and efficient material and structure testing

The MAGNATEST TCL is designed to carry out fully automated, non-destructive eddy current testing for 100% inspection in series production. In addition, it can be used for manual testing, e.g. in a laboratory for quality assurance. The MAGNATEST TCL test system consists of the test channel line (TCL) and a PC with testing software. For automated inspection, FOERSTER offers an industrial PC equipped with an interface module.

All the constituent parts of the MAGNATEST TCL can be installed in an equipment cabinet. Alternatively, its compact design allows installation directly in the line. This significantly shortens the cable lengths required between the sensor system and the test channel and minimizes negative impacts on the test quality. The modern software of the TCL test system is intuitive and optimized for touch operation. Embedded help screens are always available if questions come up. In addition, there is a wizard to support you in setting up the test parameters, but it is not mandatory to use it.

In addition to a wide frequency range (4 Hz to 20 MHz), the MAGNATEST TCL features fundamental and harmonic evaluation. The test can be triggered manually, externally by the PLC, or automatically (internally). Password protection prevents outside intervention in the test.In test mode, the results are displayed in the impedance plane and as a bar graph. Afterwards, the report function facilitates comprehensive documentation.

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  • Magneto-inductive testing with fundamental and harmonic evaluation: broad frequency range from 4 Hz to 20 MHz, continuously adjustable in 1 Hz steps
  • 100% control using non-destructive testing method: ideal for all eddy current testing requirements
  • State-of-the-art software with intuitive user interface: support functions (wizard) ensure easy operation during parameterization
  • Improved test quality: short cable runs between the MAGNATEST TCL and the sensor system minimize interference
  • Innovative probe recognition: data chip automatically recognizes the probe, directly loading its settings
  • Easy automation and line integration via I/O interface

Dimension & weight: 176 x 109 x 35 mm; 0.5 kg
Power supply: 24 V, 1250 mA (AC adapter optional)
Permissible ambient temperatures: +5 °C to +40 °C (+41 °C to +104 °F)
Relative humidity: 8% to 80%
IP: IP40
Frequency range: 4 Hz to 20 MHz
Excitation: Mono-frequent
Evaluation: Fundamental (f1); Harmonics (f3 – f11)
Test resolution: Manual, external, auto
Sorting threshold: Circle, ellipse, rectangle, convex case
Throughput: Depending on test frequency, approx. 10 parts per second at 1 kHz