Koerzimat 1.097 HCJ/J-H

System for the measurement of coercivity HCJ, hysteresis J(H) and relative permeability µr(H)

Material evaluation based on magnetic properties

Magnetic values such as coercivity HCJ correlate with numerous important process parameters and material properties in the production of sintered hard metals and powder-metallurgical components. The KOERZIMAT 1.097 HCJ measuring system by FOERSTER facilitates the accurate, automatic, and fast measurement of the coercivity HCJ. The largely geometry-free measurement is particularly suitable for testing samples with complex shapes. The extension module J-H measurement offers the possibility to determine the complete J-H Hysteresis on soft magnetic steel incl. the initial curve.

The applications of the KOERZIMAT include the control of the sintering level and particle size of hard metals and the quality control of metallic powders for the production of magnets and hard metals. The unit can also be used for monitoring the quality of the annealing and the mechanical stress state of soft-magnetic components (SMC) and for controlling electro-mechanical components in the electronics, automotive, computer, and clock sectors.

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  • Determination of coercivity in accordance with IEC 60404-7
  • Determination of hysteresis J(H) for soft magnetic steel bars
  • Determination of relative permeability µr(H) for soft magnetic steel bars
  • PC-controlled measuring system
  • Geometry-free measurement
  • Lightweight, extremely compact design
  • Software for controlling individual and series measurements
  • Database for collecting measurement data and parameter sets
  • Customer-specific reports
  • Remote port for automation, data access, etc.

Measurement range: HCJ 0 – 100 kA/m | µr(H) 100 – 2500
Magnetization field strength: up to 450 kA/m
Homogenous field area: 170 x 40 mm (LxD), coil 40 | 120 x 60 mm (LxD), coil 60
Measurement uncertainty: 1 % of measured value
Sensor elements: Förster probes (fluxgates)
Power supply: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


ASTM B887 Describes the method for determining the coercitivity of sintered hard metals.

EN IEC 60404-7:2020 Describes the determination of the Coercitivity in the open magnetic circuit. Method B described above is advantageous as it provides the option to perform measurements regardless of the geometry of the sample. It is not required to manufacture special measuring samples.