Ferex Probe Holder

Modular probe holder system for magnetometer probes

Ergonomic design for optimal use

For large area detection, FOERSTER offers accessories that allow the operator to either carry or wheel multi-probe holders. The modular lightweight system offers an ergonomic design and and can be set up either as a 3,4 or 8 probe holder.
It is ready for being equipped with an odometer or a GPS antenna.
The multi probe holder can be set up with up to 4 8 MG-10-550 probes or with a GEOMETRICSĀ® 824A cesium magnetometer.

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  • Extension kit for FEREX 4.034 and FEREX PNC
  • Can be set up as a 3 or 4 probe holder for FEREX 4.034
  • Extentible to a 8 probe holder for FEREX PNC
  • Ergonomic design with lightweight construction
  • Selectable probe distance
  • Upgradable with wheel set
  • Extendible with GPS system

Track width: 1.5 m or 2 m
Probe distance: prepared for 0.25 m or 0.5 m
Weight carried version: 16,4 kg (3 probes) or 18,7 kg (4 probes)