Ferex PNC

Magnetometer network for large area probing on land and under water

Precision probing on land and under water

With the FEREX PNC it is possible to set up a probe network of up to 16 FEREX MG-10-550 magnetometer probes. This enables a fast and precise large-area survey onshore, offshore and under water.
An open design for GPS systems of different manufacturers, in combination with the DATAMONITOR 4 data recording and navigation software, makes the FEREX PNC a perfect solution for almost any kind of large-area survey.

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  • Tool-kit design allows to customise to project requirements
  • Recording of geo-referenced magnetometry data
  • High recording rate enables maximum area performance
  • Ground coverage of about 2 hectares per hour with the basic system
  • Designed to be used onshore, inshore, near-shore, offshore and under water together with a suitable probe carrier

Controller technology: FEREX 4.034 with 24 bit ADC
Dimensions: 235 x 145 x 105 mm (L x W x H)
Sampling rate: 300 Hz per probe