Circoson WT

Measurement of the wall thickness of ferromagnetic steel tubes via EMAT (ultrasound method)

High-precision measurement of the wall thickness of ferromagnetic steel tubes

The electronics inside the CIRCOSON WT provide high-precision analyses of ultrasound testing for ferromagnetic steel tubes. Optionally fitted with lamination testing, defects can be reliably detected within the tube wall. The analysis software in the popular FOERSTER design also provides numerous functions and algorithms for the elimination of interference in and optimization of the measurement data.

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  • High-precision measurement of the wall thickness and eccentricity across the entire tube surface
  • Optional lamination testing
  • Based on Electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT), thus does not require a coupling agent
  • Standardized hardware and software for all FOERSTER test instruments of the DS family simplifies the operation
  • Network integration in existing production and quality systems
  • Relational database for high data integrity and open port to other applications

Sensor system: Rotating sensor system with two opposite test heads
Channels: 8 or 16
Ultrasound frequency: approx. 5 MHz
Pulse repetition frequency: max. 4 kHz per channel
Benchmark defect for wall thickness measurements: 25 mm x 25 mm (1″ x 1″), other defects by request
Measurable wall thickness range: 5 – 25 mm, other ranges by request
Wall thickness measuring accuracy: +/- 50 µm