Circograph Sensor Systems

Contactless eddy current testing of bright material

Detects even the smallest defects

The CIRCOGRAPH sensor systems can display even the smallest material flaws from approx. 30 µm defect depth in high resolution along its full length. From fine wire with a diameter of 2 mm to tubes with a diameter of 130 mm, the sensors cover all requirements in the bright steel range. The probes rotate at a high speed around the test piece and scan its surface in a helical manner without making contact. This method creates high throughput of up to 3 m/s and continuous testing. Ultimate eddy current testing by FOERSTER.

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  • Maximum sensitivity for exposed longitudinal surface defects on bright material
  • Test material diameter from 2 – 130 mm
  • Clearance compensation provides constant sensitivity evaluation
  • CIRCOSCAN rotating discs are available for scanning flat materials

Diameter ranges: 2 – 20 mm (Ro 20), 2-35 mm (Ro 35), 5– 65 mm (Ro 65), 10-130 mm (Ro 130)
Maximum rotational speeds: 18,000 rpm (Ro 20), 9,000 rpm (Ro 35), 6,000 rpm (Ro 65), 3,000 rpm (Ro 130)
Maximum throughput speed: 3 m/s (Ro 20, Ro 35), 2 m/s (Ro 65); 1 m/s (Ro 130)