Circoflux DS

AC field leakage test of ferromagnetic steel bars

High-precision testing of ferromagnetic steel bars with rotating probe

With the CIRCOFLUX evaluation electronic equipment by FOERSTER, you are guaranteed to achieve reproducible crack detection for hot rolled ferromagnetic steel bars thanks to the automatic adjustment processes. Integrated diagnostic functions ensure accurate automatic test results as well as high-precision testing of the surface of black materials for longitudinal defects. The unit is operated via an intuitive and modern touchscreen in the popular FOERSTER design.

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  • Standardized hardware and software for all FOERSTER test instruments simplifies the handling
  • Easy operation using modern touchscreen display
  • Network integration in existing production and quality systems
  • Integrated diagnostic and documentation function for compiling your test results
  • Relational database for high data integrity and open port to other applications

Sensor system: Rotating sensor system with two opposite test heads
Max. number of measurement channels: 24
Max. throughput speed: 4 m/s
Magnetizing current frequency: 6 kHz (Ro75, Ro100, Ro180) or 7.5 kHz (Ro130)
Testing error: depth 0.15 mm x width 0.1 mm


DIN EN 10221 Describes the technical delivery conditions for hot-rolled steel bars and wire rod. The magnetic leakage flux method with probes is recommended.