Camshaft Tester

Fully-automated 100% surface crack testing

The camshaft is a key component of the combustion engine. Therefore, it is crucial that any crack or hardness defects are detected in good time. Non-destructive and automated crack and micro-structure testing using eddy currents specifically supports continuous quality monitoring.
The test system uses STATOGRAPH testing electronics to test for cracks in the material surface. Combined with MECA probes and various probes, multiple critical zones can be tested simultaneously. In addition, a magneto-inductive micro-structure test can be performed using the MAGNATEST tester and a full test coil.

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  • Scanning of the entire cam contact surface and all bearing seats with the camshaft is rotating
  • Reliable crack detection over all cam and bearing faces
  • Simultaneous testing of cams and bearing seats
  • Alternatively, testing of individual cams on contact surface and face
  • Optional: Hardness test with MAGNATEST
  • Documentation of the results