Brake Disk Tester

Fully-automated 100% crack detection in the production line

Brake disks are among the most mechanically and thermally stressed components in a vehicle. For this reason, it must be guaranteed that only flawless material is installed. The fully-automated brake disk tester from FOERSTER performs a 100% test of the brake disks. Defined critical zones of the braking and bolting surface are examined by traversing eddy current probes. The probes can be adapted to suit the customer’s material to allow sensitive and reproducible testing. The STATOGRAPH testing electronics process the signals and allow quick and simple documentation of the test results.

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  • Simultaneous testing of defined zones of the braking and bolting surface on both the outside and inside of the brake disk
  • Testing of the rotating brake disk with traversing eddy current probes
  • Test performance approx. 240 parts per hour
  • Test system can be retooled for various brake disk types
  • Optional recording of relevant geometric data
  • Automatic sorting into two groups, “OK” and “NOK”
  • Documentation of the test results