AM-1X1 Radiation Area Monitor

AM-1X1 Radiation Area Monitor

The Radiation Alert® Area Monitor is one of the most user friendly, all inclusive, state of the art radiation area monitors available. The easy to use interface is an intelligent resistive touch screen display featuring a large five digit LED readout.

The AM1X1 comes with either an internal or external Sodium Iodide Scintillation Detector. Cesium Iodide probes available. Rugged, wall mount enclosure options are available for high traffic areas. Monitor every Radiation Alert® Area Monitor on your network with the free software. Includes user selectable warning indicators for low and high radiation alarm levels, and detector failure. Setup email and text alerts to receive alarms while on the go. All the settings are stored internally, even when power is disconnected. All units come with a Certificate of Conformance. NIST Source calibrations available upon request.


1X1 NaI(Tl) Scintillation Probe.

Custom Probe Options Available. Tell us about your application and we can recommend the best probe options for your needs.

Approximately 2500 CPS/mR/hr (137 Cs)

Operating Range
0.01 to 10 mR/hr (0.1 to 100 µSv/hr)

Energy Range
20 KeV –1.5 MeV Recommended

NIST Calibrated readings within 10% of true value with detector connected

Touch Screen Display
4.3 inch TFT 480×272 touch screen display with user friendly Programmable Units of Measurement and Audio and Visual Alarms. 5-digit LED display with 3 cm (1.5 in.) character height. 65K true colors capable of displaying full color images, animations, icons.

Base Units
Can display in µR/hr, mR/hr, µSv/hr, mSv/hr, CPM, KCPM, CPS, KCPS,

Instrument Settings
Settings for Base Units, Alarms and Calibration Information can be accessed through the Touch Screen Display or through the software

Varies automatically from 20 seconds to 2 seconds

Ultra-Bright Strobe and Audible Alarm can trigger up to three relays with DB-9 serial connection, USB VCP for computer data logging, can also be used to control the unit with use of remote software for alarm indication and acknowledgment (Silence by remote),

High Voltage
User adjustable from 200 to 1200 volts

12 VDC wall mount adapter included.

Battery Life
Typically 6 hours in non-alarm condition; 5 hours in alarm condition

Battery Charger
SLA Battery is continuously trickle charged when the instrument is connected to line power and turned on

Temperature Range
-10° to +50°C (14° to 122°F)

10% to 70% Non-Condensing.

20.3 x 28.6 x 10.8 cm (8 x 11.25 x 4.25 in.)


Room monitoring for Hospitals, X-Ray machines, Accelerators, Laboratories, etc. Portal monitoring, such as doors and walkways, Source monitoring, Alarms in the presence of radiation or the absence of sources.

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453g (1lb) (case of 6), 6.8kg (15lb), 13.6kg (30lb)