Level 3 Water Washable Fluorescent Penetrant

A high-sensitivity Level 3 penetrant, ZL-67B fluorescent water removeable penetrant is designed to find smaller, finer indications in safety-critical components common to aerospace and engineering applications. ZL-67B penetrant is often used to find flaws in investment castings, jet engine components, and highly machined surfaces.

ZL-67B is specially formulated for strong capillary action which allows it to penetrate defects quickly and bleed out into developer faster and more completely than other penetrants for stronger, higher contrast indications that are easier for inspectors to identify, even when the defects are very fine.

Recommended developers are ZP-4B dry powder, SKD-S2 or ZP-9F solvent-based, and ZP-5B suspendible developers.

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  • Improve indication detection
    • Clear, bright, indications appear every time due to high UV and thermal stability
    • Higher contrast indications form due to strong capillary action, making them easier to spot
  • Wide range of inspections
    • Inspect a wide range of high-value components without fear of corrosion or specification non-conformance
  • More reliable, consistent inspections
    • Maintain penetrant system performance over longer periods of time thanks to low volatility and high water tolerance.
  • Maximise operator comfort and safety
    • Promotes better inspection quality by providing the operator with a more comfortable work environment
    • Reduces discomfort from strong odors
  • NDT Type: Fluorescent Penetrant Testing
  • Penetrant Type: Type 1
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Sensitivity: Level 3 – High Sensitivity
  • Penetrant Methods: Method A, Method C
  • Removal Type: Water Washable
  • Required Equipment: UV light source
  • Ideal Application: Aerospace alloys, Aerospace inspections, Aluminum, Engineering applications, Highly machined surfaces, Investment castings, Jet engine components, Machined components, Nickel, Precision castings, Precision forgings, Steel, Titanium
  • Defect Examples: Cracks, Porosity, Seams

Standards: AMS 2644, ASME BPVC, ASTM D129, ASTM E1417/E1417M, ASTM E165/E165M-18, ISO 3452-2, MIL-STD-2132, Pratt & Whitney PMC 4360, Rolls Royce RRP 58003 (CSS 232)

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