Level 2 Post Emulsifiable Fluorescent Penetrant

A medium sensitivity penetrant (Level 2), ZL-2C fluorescent post-emulsifiable penetrant is designed to be removed from the part surface by emulsifiers or solvent.

With a UV-A light source, indications will appear as a bright green-yellow fluorescence.

ZL-2C has a high flash point, and is designed to be used in open dip tanks.

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  • Improve indication detection in the most critical applications
    • Creates the clearest, brightest indications for even the finest flaws due to very strong UV and thermal stability.
    • Indications stand out more since background fluorescence is minimised; emulsifiers only remove surface penetrant without the risk of over-washing.
  • Maximise penetrant inspection process control
    • Prevents over-washing since ZL-2C cannot be removed with water (unless combined with an emulsifier).
    • PE penetrant system is less susceptible to human error since only surface penetrant is removed in the final rinse stage.
  • Wide range of inspections
    • Inspect a wide range of high-value components without fear of corrosion or specification non-conformance
    • Meets all major industry and NDT specification requirements, including Aerospace Prime and OEM specs, and AMS 2644.
  • Maximise operator comfort and safety
    • Promotes better inspection quality by providing the operator with a more comfortable work environment
    • Reduces discomfort from strong odours
  • NDT Type: Fluorescent Penetrant Testing
  • Penetrant Type: Type 1
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Sensitivity: Level 2 – Medium Sensitivity
  • Penetrant Methods: Method B, Method C
  • Removal Type: Post Emulsifiable
  • Required Equipment: UV light source
  • Ideal Application: CastingsExtrusionsForgingsRough surface finishWelds
  • Defect Examples: CracksDelaminationLapsPorositySeams

Standards: AMS 2644, ASME BPVC, ASTM D129, ASTM E1417/E1417M, ASTM E165/E165M-18, MIL-STD-2132, Pratt & Whitney PMC 4352, Rolls Royce RRP 58003 (CSS 232), SAFRAN Pr 5000/In 5000

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